In this article I am going to provide a quick start guide on getting your team up and running with automated testing. I have found that this can generally be applied with any systems that have a front-end UI.

Any test is always better than no test…

There are a lot of resources out there to get you up and running with Cypress in general, especially setting up Mochawesome reports, Github workflows and using Cypress Studio. I have collated these into the same repo and have added references at the end for more information.

Reasons you may find this repo…

This is a rundown of how I recently moved one of our Jenkins instances that was sitting on a repurposed AWS EC2 instance doing multiple jobs and serving many other purposes. In order to ensure we had a dedicated server for our build, test and deploy pipeline, I decided to move this onto its’ own server using Terraform.

If you already have your Jenkins config and want to fast forward to infra provisioning you can find all the code here on Github. You only need to update the bucket name in both the file and the

Paul Joseph Devlin

Developer for 10+ years and have a keen interest in Cloud, DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering but find myself in the middle of everything and anything tech

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